A Seahorse Story


The children's book tells the story of a seahorse in its habitat, including amazing facts about seahorses. A portion goes to SOS Malaysia.

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Project Summary

I am Dr. Adam Lim Chee Ooi, the author of this book project entitled "A Seahorse Story". I am a Marine Biologist specialising in biology and conservation of seahorses and their relatives in Malaysia. On top of doing science to further understand about this group of peculiar fishes, I also travel around the country to share more about seahorses through events and presentations to kids and their families alike. 



Together with Ms. Leong Yoke Mee (Ammi), a children's book illustrator, we have move forward on our idea to curate a book about seahorses to highlight their unique features and abilities on a more localised setting, Malaysia. Her other more recent publications include 'I Belong To The Forest' & 'Anak Murid yang Memakai Kain Cawat'. 



Prior to this campaign we have been working on the story content, field site visits and illustrations for each panel. The artwork and story are curated to reflect the actual facts and closest resemblance of the actual area. Yes, you hear it right, the setting of the story takes place right here in Malaysia and reflect the actual diversity of marine life in the area. This project is important to us not only to spread knowledge about seahorses but also to raise awareness of the threats to their home globally. Additionally, a portion of the sales will go towards Save Our Seahorses (SOS) Malaysia, a local NGO dedicated in seahorse education and conservation for the continuous effort to protect 

What We Need & What You Get

For this project, we are looking to raise RM28,000 to cover for our cost of printing of 3000 copies of the hard cover book, the digital artwork and designs of it. Even if we fail to reach our entire goal, we will still be looking to seek further opportunities to get the book printing and distributed. However, that would of course put a delay in the production of the physical copy of it. By hitting our funding goal, we are dedicated to donate copies of it to local libraries as well where it is accessible to kids. Additionally, we are looking to send the e-book to our backers as an appreciation in helping us reach our funding goal.  The book is dual language with English as the primary medium annd chinese as the secondary. 

Bringing our story to life through the illustrations. 

Mock Book layout 


The Impact

This project will allow us to share more about the weird yet wonderful facts of seahorses and their current plight by communicating science and awareness to the younger generation. Personally, I have been guiding citizen science program in the area for kids and adults alike to look for seahorses in the wild and yet us to keep track of its population; whereas Ammi have been succesfully published a number of children's storybook such as 'I Belong To The Forest' & 'Anak Murid yang Memakai Kain Cawat' recently. Additionally, her previous stints include teaching art in schools and public events. Through our collaborative effort, we are seeking to reach out to more Malaysian families of the natural marine biodiversity here in Malaysia what we can learn about them.


Risks & Challenges

Some of the risk and challenges posed since we started formulating the idea of a factual marine themed children's storybook are:

  • Getting the facts presented in a subtle and intereting way for child readers

  • Actual site visit and identifying the actual elements to be included in the book

  • An illustrated story representing actual events to match. 

To addressed the content and script, we have engaged moms within the target kids age group readers to identify and provide comments on the language, contents and illustrations. Additionally, it was proof read by an English Lecturer from our local university on the language usage.  An actual site visit was arrange with Ammi for her to have an actual experience of the home of the seahorse and looking for them as well. 

A visit to the seagrass to match the illustrations as close to the actual marine biodiversity and habitat.

The female Yellow Spotted Seahorse, Hippocampus kuda, we encountered during out survey trip in the area. 


Other Ways You Can Help

Do help us to share the link around and help us to achieve our goals. We look forward to get the book published and channel some books to the local library as well. We do accept any donation contributions (any amount) to help us to achieve our funding goal to get the book printed and officially published. All donation proceeds will first be used for the production of the book. Through the sales generated, 100% of the donation amount will be channeled towards Save Our Seahorses (SOS) Malaysia to fund the next research conservation project. 

Sincerely thank you from us
Dr. Adam Lim & Ammi Leong


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Hi everyone,

I have been invited by the amazing people behind @havehope2030 to share about seahorses on the 19th of June 2020 from 8:30PM to 9:30PM (GMT+8)

Titled 'Seahorses', I will be sharing all about the fascinating facts of this peculiar fish in detail. It will be a light session filled with oooo and aahhh made suitable for kids. So do feel free to join me then πŸ˜Š and tell everyone about it.

This a FREE online talk event hosted using Zoom but do sign up with Ms Angel at πŸ‡²πŸ‡ΎπŸ“ž +60123055159.

See you then~!

Dr. Adam Lim

Thank you so much for the tremendous support thus far everyone! 
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That was we can keep up for the delivery of the book when we get them published. 


Adam & Ammi

1st Update: 
Prior to us going live here, we have since completed the milestones below:

  • Field Survey with Ammi to illutrated the story backdrop in detail. 
  • Story script
  • Illustration panels
  • Main character artwork
  • Proof read of story script in English and Mandarin
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Ammi have been invited to a podcast interview to share about 'A Seahorse Story' on CITYPlusFM. Click on the link below to hear the podcost session (in mandarin)

CITYPlusFM Podcast

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Thank you so much!

Adam Lim

Hi everyone, 

If there is any questions or encountered any issue, do feel free to drop a comment here. 
I will attempt to address all of them and work to solve them where relevant.


Dr. Adam Lim 


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