Artist Residency: From KL To Berlin

By: Teh Nadira

Artist residency at Berlin Art Institute (BAI). Kindly pledge now to make this journey happens!

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Project Summary

I’m Teh Nadira, a visual artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After completing my Master of Fine Arts and Technology at University of Technology Mara (UiTM), Shah Alam in 2016 and spent 6 months entrepreneurship and artist residency programme called Young Art Entrepreneurs (YAE!) end of last year in National Art Gallery (NAG), Kuala Lumpur, another tremendous oppurtunity has come my way – I have been selected for a studio program artist residency at Berlin Art Institute (BAI) this September 2018.

Taking part in this artist residency program, gives a very important impact in an artist's career; as it provide me invaluable opportunities to expand my network and collaborating with other international artists. 

This is a tremendous honor, as well as a chance to develop my practice internationally in a city that has been well-established reputation as an artist’s paradise.

My work evolves around a heartfelt psychological curiosity by exploring self-experience from a broad perspective about my own daily routines. My interest is to show the sense of feminine spirit. At the same time, it reflects my life's journey to rediscover and inspire the feminine spirit through my best narrative, as a female artist. My concept is influenced by my own personal experience and my exploration of women’s behavior captured over energetic moments that celebrate femininity.

Here are some of my previous artworks:



The residency begins on 10 September 2018 for about two months. The studio program will focus on the content-related needs and artistic positions of the artist during the study stay, unfortunately the accommodation are not provided. Besides looking for a place to stay, I still need to raise the funds for my travel expenses, daily meals, and the art supplies I will needed: archival-quality paper, canvas, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, varnish and fixative. All told, I’m budgeting at RM 8,000.00 for these items.

However, this is the minimum amout to make this project possible. With other living expenses, additional art supplies, public transportation in Berlin, museum admissions and other costs, I estimate the entire residency will cost in the neighbourhood of RM 10,000.00. I will be covering the difference out of my own pocket, so any additional funds will be a huge help for me.

Here are some images of studio program artist residency at Berlin Art Institute:

(Image courtesy: Berlin Art Institute)



In return for your generous support, following is a list of different rewards alongside with the details of the items.

(1) Postcard mailed from Berlin! (Estimated delivery: 19 November 2018)

(2) A 'From KL To Berlin' limited edition T-shirt

(3) A4 size hand-printed watercolor drawing

(4) A3 size original watercolor drawing (Watercolor on watercolor paper)

(5) 2x2 feet original painting (Acrylic on canvas)

(6) 3x3 feet original painting (Acrylic on canvas)

(7) Private tour at National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur in December 2018






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