Bae's Slumber Party

By: Owh My Bae

An overnight sleepover bootcamp where we will be discussing the critical issues of women's safety in Malaysia while having fun!

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Project Summary


Women don't feel safe anymore going anywhere. Sex assault cases in Malaysia is increasing and it has been a critical issue in women's daily life. 

My name is Nurul Amiera binti Noor Azahar, the founder of OwhMyBae. OwhMyBae is created to protect women in Malaysia. We know what it is like to be in a situation where there is no one to help ,protect and listen to you. Everyone can sympathize on victimized/survivors, but we empathize. 

OwhMyBae educate, protect and empower woman through events, meetups and our community driven by woman. We are the voice and ears to the women out there and are looking forward to make Malaysia a safer place.

In just one day, I've gathered 100 girls who has been going through painful and traumatized events. They are currently the members of OwhMyBae. We have created a sisterhood where women trust each others like sisters without any judgements, and they are always there to be the ears and voice for everyone.


Hence, we are launching



Bae's Slumber Party is the first event that aimed to gather, discuss and plan on solutions for women's safety in Malaysia while you have a fun bonding session with your new sisters!


20  participants will gather and brainstoming the plans, activities and campaign to promote woman's safety which become crucial as day passed by. They will get free support group session, discuss on solutions for women's safety, pitch the idea and get the chance to partner with OMB for futher development.

Also, these activity will be done in a different way where they will enjoy:

  • exclusive goodie bags
  • mingle session with the sisters such as swimming at the private pool,
  • making smores by the fire and karaoke,
  • manicure and pedicure,
  • share skincare routines and many more.




  • Accomodation for our beloved baes and speakers
  • Venue rental for 1 and 1/2 day
  • Foods and drinks ( catering )
  • Printing materials
  • Photography
  • Equipment rental
  • Merchandise
  • Operation 
  • Woman's Survival Fund (to aid women in need)



                                                                     CAMPAIGN REWARDS       



 Every little bit counts and goes directly towads impoving some aspect of Bae Slumber Party experience



* 1/2/2019   : Proposal and marketing materials

* 7/2/2019   : Video shooting and editing

* 15/2/2019 : Meeting with mentors

* 2/3/2019   : Meeting for venue and accomodation

* 17/3/2019 : Confirmation and finalised 

* 27/3/2019 : Launch Campaign

* 29/3/2019 : Printing and Merchandise

* 6-7/4/2019 : Bae Slumber Party

If we achieve 50% (RM5K) of our pledge, we can still launch the slumbe party on decided date.

If we can't achieve our goal by ( 6thApril ) we will move  the slumber party to ( 27-28th April 2019 ) which we will increase ou sponsorship efforts, and do partnership to reduce the cost significantly.


Hey, help us to spread the word to make this program a reality. We believe that by being a part of OhMyBae will help to increase  woman's safety in Malaysia








Hanif Marzuki bin Mohd Saupi ( CEO Youth Ventures )




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After making the bank transfer, please send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt and your name to the email address: [email protected] with the Subject Heading: Bae's Slumber Party

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