Bake Ingredients Supply corner (wholesale)

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Bake ingredients wholesale supply startup

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Project Summary

It has always been my vision to start a wholesale bakery ingredient corner where everyone will be able to purchase their needed ingredients to bake at home by creating a healthy eating lifestyle at home without having to worry about preservatives being added into their plate. With this in mind, we are looking forward to giving back to the community by being able to open this wholesale shop for the betterment of the community. 

Our Business model looks towards Bricks and Clicks model.  THis business looks into a wholesaler concept whereby the materials are sold at a low price using B2C and B2B focus.  The ingredients are also sold using a webstore.  Purchases are done online and delivery charges are included as extra charges. 

The business will run for 16 hours a day.

Support us in setting up this bakery ingredients supply corner (wholesale) and be part of our story.


What We Need & What You Get


The Impact

Besides that, by opening this business, we are able to provide job opportunities to the locals.  Individuals and families that once decided that baking is expensive, will get back on their track to stop purchasing bleached and blanched bread that is only full of starch and preservatives.

Small businesses that used to start at home will begin operating their businesses.  Those who can't afford to try recipes found on their TV broadcast ed channels will start baking the impossible.


Risks & Challenges


It took me 3 years to think and plan over starting a business meant to be affordable for the community.  The planning was difficult at first, but due to some calls and help on the itineraries, it was possible.

However, the ideas were all over, the plan is there, but there was no fund to start the business.  I have tried looking out for loans, but in vain.

If ever, we have insufficient fund, we will still reach out our goal to support the community at an affordable price, but we will need to restrict the types of bakery ingredients sold to allow us to supply and not break down our intention and passion.

However, once my funding is reached, I will be able to follow the entire planning platform in full scale.

Other Ways You Can Help

Successful crowdfunding is all about spreading the word! If you find this endeavour as exciting as we do but perhaps are not in a position to contribute, there are other ways you can help. 

What will the fund be utilized for:

- Purchasing the food shelfs and setting up the whole corner

- Rent & Utilities

- Purchasing of the raw materials to get the buying and selling process to begin

- Promoting and marketing the wholesale corner


The wholesale corner project is thought to be executed on the 29th of September 2019.


Ultimately, its all about sharing the love and passion, so your contribution and all your support are hugely appreciated. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

Shajez Bakery Ingredients (Wholesale)

Any questions? Leave a comment or email us at [email protected]


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