Help Architecture students fly to Beijing

By: Azfar Afif Munir

We are master of Architecture students from USM and we are looking for funds to help get our entire studio to Beijing for a Field Trip

RM 4,025 (40.25%)

Target RM 10,000
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Project Summary

Jelajah: Beijing 2019 fundraiser

Jelajah: Beijing 2019 is an educational field trip organized the 2nd year Master of Architecture students of Universiti Sains Malaysia. We launched this crowdfunding project with the goal of raising funds for a field trip to Beijing. While some of us are able to afford the travel, many of us are independent and pay all our fees and living costs with the money we’ve earned. Life as an architecture student can be demanding and the money we make in our spare time is just enough for us to keep up with daily expenditure.

This trip is important to us as it presents an opportunity to see some of the most iconic architectural landmarks in China, including the Great Wall, Galaxy SOHO, CCTV Headquarters, and the Bird’s Nest Stadium. Seeing these marvels in person allows us to have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the design, sentiments, and history behind these buildings.  

Our goal is to ensure that everybody in our studio can afford to fly. By supporting this project, you will have done a great service to our educational experience and growth as Malaysia’s future architects and designers.


*image for illustration purposes only 

*Image for illustration purposes only


We are incredibly passionate about our profession and understand that it can be an intimidating field. That's why if we reach our goal, we intend to run a lecture series sharing our travel experience and advise for people interested in pursuing an education in Architecture. We're targeting our juniors and high schools in Penang and we feel what we have to share can really benefit the profession. 


Your generous funds will be spent to reduce our travel costs wherever possible. Our current goal is to have all 21 students backed with RM1000 each. Should we reach the Rm10,000 crowd funding goal, each student will have to pay RM500 less.

We aren’t sitting idly waiting for your money! While this campaign is active, we are also launching events such as runs and educational workshops to procure the remaining RM500 funding per student. We hope that our hard efforts can be matched by your generous support.


Ground Arrangement & Accomodation for 5 nights - RM 681

China Visa (Single Entry) - RM 130

Flight (Penang - Beijing return tickets) - RM 984


Even if we fail to reach the RM10,000 goal, we will still use all the money given and deliver the rewards as promised! Every ringgit counts and we appreciate any amount regardless of how small.

10% of all the money raised will be dedicated to a charity of our choice. Should we come short of the amount needed to travel (Less than RM2000), all your donations will be given to them instead.


The more we get, the more we'll give! 

Wish to help but can’t spend?

If you’re short on cash like us, do not fret! There are still ways you can help. The more people this campaign reaches, the better. You’ll be doing us a huge favour by sharing this with your friends, family and acquaintances. Share this on your whatsapp, instagram, twitter and facebook. It really helps!


When will our field trip take place?
Our field trip will take place between 30th March and 4th April (6 days 5 nights). We will depart from Penang airport and land in the Beijing Capital

How many people are involved in this field trip?
This trip will involve twenty-one USM students and two lecturers

How can I verify that this trip is legitimate?
The link below shows an official letter by our program coordinator that is endorsed by our faculty. If you have any questions about our project, kindly call our class secretary. (will be uploaded soon)
Azfar – 0125299892

When will I receive my rewards?
PitchIN will help us identify our backers so we can deliver the rewards to you. You will receive updates on our travel via this page and social media. The rewards for the higher tiers (soft copy documents and physical rewards) will be received within a month after the trip.

How can I stay up to date with the project?
Follow our instagram handle @ViPstudio.arc. We'll also update our crowdfunding progress here so check in with us to see if we meet our milestones! :)

Thank you!




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A PayPal account is not required in order to pledge via PayPal, but pledgers do need a credit (Mastercard/Visa) or debit card.

However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

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After making the bank transfer, please send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt and your name to the email address: [email protected] with the Subject Heading: Jelajah: Beijing 2019

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