Motorizing Welfare Center Wheelchairs


Through your funds, our staff and students will build a conversion kits that motorized the wheelchair in a welfare center.

RM 5,860 (11.72%)

Target RM 50,000
8:00 am, 24 August 2019
8:00 am, 23 October 2019
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Project Summary

Short Summary

A welfare center that cares for neglected elders and chronically ill patients requires a lot of man power to help maintain the wellbeing of it`s residents. Most of the residents are wheelchair-bound elders, with limited strength and personal to help them mobilize around the center for meals, lavatory and other locations.

We, researchers and students from Universiti Malaysia Pahang have developed a conversion kit to motorized the wheelchairs for a welfare center. However due to demands, we are not financially capable to provide for the whole residents of the institution. Therefore, we need your financial contributions to help us build for the other residents.

For each RM2500 we received through your contributions, our staff and students will build a conversion kit for a wheelchair at cost price, and distribute the product directly to the welfare center. Our aim is to provide 20 units for the welfare center, any excess donation, will be used to develop for other welfare center.

The way you can help us achieve this goal :

  • - Donate to us directly to support construction of the product.
  • - Share this campaign to other individuals and organization.
  • - Provide us with information of other welfare center that need our product.

Upon your donation, we will provide an acknowledgement of donation certificate provided by the Welfare Center based on request.

Your Contribution is Highly Sought

Project Leader/Member
Dr Mohamad Heerwan Bin Piee ( Senior Lecturer, Universiti Malaysia Pahang)
Dr. Syafiq Fauzi Bin Kamarulzaman ( Senior Lecturer, Universiti Malaysia Pahang)
Muhammad Asyraf Bin Shahrom (Post Graduate Student, Universiti Malaysia Pahang)

Cooperating Partner:

En. Sazali Bin Mohideen
Pusat Jagaan Mahmudah Semenyih


Pledgers can transfer their pledge using the Secure Online Payment by MOLPay.

With MOLPay, you can either use your credit card or online banking.

However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

Pitch Platforms Sdn Bhd
Maybank 564892120183

After making the bank transfer, please send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt and your name to the email address: [email protected] with the Subject Heading: Motorizing Welfare Center Wheelchairs

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Thank You to our contributors.

48 hours after launch, we have reached 1% of our total target. Thank you for your trust on us. In hope for us to find more generous donor, your trust matters.

Thank you again.

Dr. Syafiq Fauzi Kamarulzaman

Hi contributers,

For more updates on our activities and effort, please refer to our facebook page in the link below:

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