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The Number 1 Sports Brand From South East Asia

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Established in 1977, Pan was created with the core principle of making high-quality apparel and footwear for everyone. By removing all barriers in mind, body and spirit, we believe that in sports and in life there should be no barriers for one to achieve their 'ultimate', whatever it may be. Our products are made to be accessible for everyone regardless of background, race, gender, as well as any artificial barriers that we have falsely built for ourselves. It is with this core principle that we continue to create products with this philosophy of complete unity.



PAN is the number 1 sports brand from Thailand, and the number 1 sports brand from South East Asia. Our vision is to be a global brand that embodies our core principles, creating products for everyone. With a strategy of having a great design, highly functional and quality products, as well as using innovative technologies in our processes and production, we believe in our mission of making great products for the world.



The creation of the Black Panther S.E was inspired by the Black Panthers in the Malaysian jungle.

The black panther is often called 'the ghost of the forest'. It is a smart, stealth-like attacker, its dark coat helps it hide and stalk prey very easily, especially at night.


Which relates back to this masterpiece, the colour of the shoes is a mixture of black & red which is known to be aggressive and fierce, just like the Black Panthers. This shoe is designed with synthetic leather that is thin, water-resistance and embossed forming a beautiful pattern. This allows players to experience a good touch and control with the ball. The outsole material is a strong cup sole rubber which has high resistance and creates friction with the ground well, allowing the player to adapt to any kind of situations.

Malaysia has the largest number of black panthers in the world, but due to habitat loss and poaching, these animals are facing serious threats.

With the creation of this series, we have made a commitment to contribute to the preservation of wildlife in Malaysia, especially of the black panthers.

Your purchase of the Black Panther S.E. will contribute RM 1.00 to the conservation and preservation of the black panthers and wildlife in Malaysia.

Black Panther S.E.: Made In Thailand. Designed In Malaysia.
Play With Freedom


This crowdfunding round is a presale event for our fans and first-time users of the Pan brand. Additionally, funds generated from this presale will be used as deposits for the factory production process in Thailand and delivery of the Black Panther S.E.

The Black Panther S.E project is expected to be completed by end of February 2021 and on sale in early March 2021.



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