REDLAND, Dry District

By: Amin Daud

Amencodai and Ila Ma'arof. A boy on a quest to save his village from a group of evil people who are determined to destroy it. REDLAND, Dry

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12:00 am, 12 June 2012
12:00 am, 16 August 2012
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Project Summary

A boy on a quest to save his village from a group of evil people who are determined to destroy it.

REDLAND, Dry District tells a story of how a group of evil people takes control of a village and slowly starts to destroy it by distributing contaminated water to the villagers. A village boy realizes this and embarks on a mission to thwart the evil plan and find clean water supply. His mission becomes even more critical when more villagers fall sick and die. He must work fast before the whole village is wiped out.

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REDLAND, Dry District is a graphic novel application for the iPad. Each chapter contains 30 pages. REDLAND, Dry District is essentially about raising awareness of the environment. It is also an age-old story of greed, human cruelty and destruction, with dire consequences for all. The intention is to have readers wondering and asking themselves "What if REDLAND, Dry District really happens?"

Your support for the "REDLAND, Dry District" app project will encourage other youths to get started on their dreams and pursue their passion and goals, especially in comics!

We want to go create a new approach by combining comics and technology together. And we want to take this opportunity to represent Malaysia on a world stage as indie comic artists.

If this project succeeds in raising funds, REDLAND, Dry District may just be the first graphic novel app in Malaysia. And of course, all you pledgers get awesome rewards in return! :)

US$13,000 to be spent on the following:


Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Mac OS CS5.
Watercolor paper.
Set of watercolor.
Pen, markers, drawing tools
High Quality paper for hand drawn rewards.


Comic artist / Illustrator
Scriptwriter / Graphic Design
Web designer


R&D: to conduct environmental background research as we plan to include Malaysian scenes
Printing costs (paperback copy, hardcover copy & tee-shirts)

Apple application fees and promotional items


Amencodai and Ila Ma'arof are the dude and dudette behind the creative work of REDLAND, Dry District.

Amencodai (whose real name is Noramin Mohd Daud) is a comic artist/illustrator and Ila (Ilaharyani) the scriptwriter and graphic designer.

Both of us been working together for the longest time (since college days) and the REDLAND, Dry District project will see us working towards realizing our dream of creating our own product that everyone can enjoy.

These are some of the early designs that we've done:


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    No rewards. I just want to contribute.

  • USD 1

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    A heartfelt thank you from us at REDLAND Dry District! :)

    Unlimited slots

  • USD 10

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    + Name in the credits of REDLAND, Dry District app

    + Full version app with Sketch Mode and Grayscale Mode

    +PDF copy of Chapter One (high quality print of 30 pages) signed by the creative team.

    Unlimited slots

  • USD 25

    3 backers

    + All of the above rewards

    + A caricature of yourself on the PDF cover

    + First chapter of "The Making of REDLAND, Dry District" app

    +PDF copy with sketches and concept art

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  • USD 50

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    + All of the above rewards

    + An EXCLUSIVE PRINT copy (paperback) of Chapter One with a hand-drawn caricature of YOU on the cover, personally signed by creative team.

    + Three small digital prints (20 x 15 cm) from scenes in REDLAND, Dry District.

    Unlimited slots

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    + All the above rewards

    + A limited edition REDLAND, Dry District tee-shirt

    + One A3 size digital print with exclusive frame

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    + A lovely print copy (hardcover) with hand-drawn caricature of YOU on the cover.

    + Your name in the credits for three chapters.

    + Full version of REDLAND, Dry District app including "The Making of REDLAND, Dry District."

    + One A3 size digital prints with exclusive frame.

    + One REDLAND, Dry District tee-shirt

    + REDLAND Custom Case for iPad 2 or iPhone. You can choose either the iPad 2 case or the iPhone case.

    + A SPECIAL REWARD of ONE cameo appearance in one of the REDLAND, Dry District scenes

    Unlimited slots

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    + ALL of the US$100 pledge rewards; AND

    + DOUBLE cameo appearance in one scene each in Chapters One and Two

    + Two REDLAND, Dry District tee-shirts!

    Unlimited slots

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    + THREE cameo appearances in Chapters One, Two AND Three!!

    + One print copy (hardcover) of REDLAND, Dry District with hand-drawn caricature of YOU on the cover.

    + Full version of REDLAND, Dry District app including "The Making of REDLAND, Dry District."

    + One A3-size digital print (framed) from one of the scenes in REDLAND, Dry District.

    + One digital print of your cameo character posing with main character (A4 size).

    + Two REDLAND, Dry District tee-shirts.

    Unlimited slots

  • USD 500

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    + Be one of the SUPPORTING CHARACTERS in REDLAND, Dry District (you get to choose to be the good or bad guy)

    + COMBINED REWARDS of ALL the prints as mentioned in Rewards for Pledges US$50, US$100 and US$250

    + One print copy (hardcover) of REDLAND, Dry District with hand-drawn caricature of YOU on the cover

    + Two REDLAND, Dry District tee-shirts

    Unlimited slots

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    + One very special, original, panoramic watercolour painting from one of the scenes in REDLAND, Dry District (hand-signed at the back, dated and stamped with exclusive REDLAND, Dry District stamp)

    Unlimited slots