RESTU: To Build Sekola Baroka X Tanam Tumbuh

By: Rayhan Ahmad

Sekola Baroka: To build a space for wandering kids around Johor Bahru city | Tanam Tumbuh: To provide basic education for suku Seletar

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Project Summary

About Barokah Blessed

Barokah Blessed is a community movement focusing on tackling social issue by using education and culture as the medium. The idea of this initiative known as 'Pasar Barokah' sparked after our theater performance tour around peninsular Malaysia and during food distribution to homeless around Johor Bahru city on 2017. 

RESTU: A Crowdfunding Event to Build Sekola Baroka X Tanam Tumbuh 

(March 30th, 2019 @ Big Wheel Seedbank, Iskandar Puteri Johor Bahru)

2019 marks two years of Barokah Blessed and we are eager to start our long awaited projects involving kids around Johor Bahru including the indigenous people of Seletar. To make the initiative a reality for the kids, we are organizing a fundraise event which will be channel to both Sekola Baroka and Tanam Tumbuh.

Theater Jagoh Kampung

Sekola Baroka

Sekola Baroka is a sustainable education and cultural based program involving kids around Johor Bahru city. The kids whom parents are traders in Bazar Karat exposed to many social issues and negative culture such as, drugs. This is because, the kids are wandering during night without  proper observation or any activity.

The kids will have their own space from the fund that we raised during RESTU where they could gather and carry out the module with us at least once a week. The space will also have its own exhibition area to exhibit the kids artwork.

The building will be located around Johor Bahru city where the rental would be a bit expensive for us to get started, The range of the rental is normally within RM5,000 to RM8,000 per month, excluding renovation, maintenance  and utilities for the building.

To sustain the idea of Sekola Baroka  we will be doing social entrepreneurship (SE), which some of the artworks will be sell thus will help a dynamic growth of Sekola Baroka.


Film Workshop for Kids

Tanam Tumbuh

Tanam Tumbuh is a one year program which focusing on providing basic education to the indegenous people of Seletar in Johor Bahru - including reading, numbering & fardhu ain. In addition, fast paced development growth has changed environment ecosystem surround them which indirectly affects their main income, fishing.

Barokah Blessed once again take an initiative to tackle the issue which we believe will bring the kids forward to face the world, fearlessly. The program will also provide training of trainer (ToT) where we will train the youth of Seletar people so they can ensure the sustainability of the educational program for the next generation. 

Kg Orang Asli Bakar Batu



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