Revenants of Ruins (RoR): The Gate of Beginning

By: Ridzwan Zulkifli

RoR is a MOBA+RPG to bring a new experience of "Coopetition" in eSports while sharing our heroes and culture with the rest of the world.

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Project Summary


Revenants of Ruins (RoR) is a video game of genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Role-Playing Game (RPG).

RoR has been prototyped in Warcraft 3 as a modified game (mod) for 7 years with rating of 8/10 over 16,000+ downloads in Hiveworkshop (a professional modding site) [1]. Development of RoR standalone game in Unreal Engine 4 was set for the purpose of

  1. Quality,
  2. Ownership and
  3. Monetization.

This development model (or software engineering method) using mod for prototyping has been adopted by 2 games of Tier-1 eSports with the tournament prize exceeding of 8 million USD; Dota 2 and League of Legends [2]. There are also many other games that have been prototyped in Warcraft 3 or otherwise inspired from which are listed below.

Hence, our plan is to deliver a Quality Demo of RoR that can help to raise investment for full production. To do so, we need financial support so that our team can focus 100% on producing the demo. The demo will uncover the new Look and Feel of the new standalone game (while getting compared to the mod) within 3 minutes of duration. With your help, this mission will be so much easier and we could proceed to raise investment with the demo at a faster rate.

We are a small team encompassing 5 persons with dynamic skills in video game development; 30% programming, 70% arts. Ridzwan Zulkifli is the main designer and leader of the project.

  • Phone number: +6017 247 4710 (better to contact via Whatsapp or Telegram)
  • Email: [email protected]


The average cost of (intermediate level) video game development (such as RoR) is roughly 5 million USD. To reach there, we require 50,000 MYR to start strapping our gear and put on our running shoe for 6 months to produce the demo and auditioning ourselves on what we can do. Hence, the expenditure distribution is as follows.

  • Staffing: 80% (40,000 MYR), each of (5) staffs for 1,600 MYR x 5 months (without last month to finalize the demo)
  • Opex: 12% (6,000 MYR)
  • Marketing, 6% (3,000 MYR)
  • Capex: 2% (2,000 MYR)

The timeline of demo production shown in image below.

To execute the development is not difficult because we have complete knowledge and reference to Warcraft 3, its engine and its assets. We already have constructed major components and put the important pieces together in the last 4 months. Therefore, to produce demo is not a big issue given this crowdfunding campaign is succesful.

In the case of not reaching the goal of 50,000 MYR, funds will be prioritized for the illustration of characters and marketing our venture to the worldwide in hope that the illustrations could attract any investment. But we will try our level best to at least produce 30 seconds of the new Look and Feel.


This is our first campaign and has so much meaning to us. Why? this campaign will tell us that if you are willing to buy and play our game or not. Despite any outcomes, we will still continue to pursue our passion and dream to deliver RoR

In RoR, there are significance in both game and business models:

In game model,

  • Promoting "Coopetition", harmony of competition and cooperation
  • Introducing our heroes, value and culture especially in South-East Asia among the others
  • Delivering adaptive design to fortify eSports career
  • Bringing backstory as meaningful as gameplay and graphic

In business model,

  • Empowering mind games eSports
  • Nurturing our talent for best reward especially in arts and design
  • Gathering developer, organizer, player and spectator within game system
  • Utilizing AI for eSports training and programming education

It is our duty to make this project visible within the creative sector and help accelerating the entertainment growth in Malaysia. This project may be costly, but for a long-term, it will be greatly rewarding. Substantial preparations have been made for the last 2 years to ensure our vision is met in the next 4 years.


Our study in the risk and challenges of producing the demo has been listed below

  • Production: spend extra hours to fulfill at least 30 seconds of gameplay, illustrate many concept arts and find volunteer to assist
  • Financial: apply for loan, grant or 2nd job to occupy remaining tasks relying on performance upon the respective order
  • Marketing: persistently contact investors and publishers to introduce our project from time to time


You can always help by sharing this project to your family and friends. Perhaps they are interested to help as well. We appreciate all help we can get!



[1] Zulkifli, Ridzwan, 'Revenants of Ruins', 2015. [Online]. Available:

[2] Hilgers. Jens, 'Esports Games Tiers', 2014. [Online]. Available:



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