SAUNA32, the community-powered infrared digital thermometer

By: Dr. Nahrizul Adib Kadri

The first Malaysian-inspired and manufactured infrared digital thermometer. Help us make 500 SAUNA32 units to be donated to the underserved.

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Project Summary

Who are we?

This project is a collaboration between MyCRO Sdn. Bhd., Universiti Malaya, Taylor's University, and Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology (MySET). 

Why are we doing this?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in various ways since late December 2019. Many plans were in place in all affected countries to stop and/or limit the spread of the virus, until either a treatment or a vaccine is developed. Limiting the spread is highly important, since the virus has been proven to have a long incubation period, and may cause death to infected individuals.

And since the virus is new, the effort of slowing the viral spread is very difficult. Nevertheless, large-scale screening and testing individuals remain one of the best methods in slowing down the spread of the virus and decreasing the number of deaths, as shown in South Korea and Germany. 

Body temperature screening cannot determine whether an individual has contracted the virus or not. But it may be used as a screening tool that can be done by anyone, any time. World Helth Organisation (WHO) listed digital infrared thermometer as top priority medical device for COVID-19. According to them, all medical devices must be “available, accessible, appropriate and affordable”. 

Why is it important?

During and after the outbreak, we believe there will be a worldwide shortage of infrared digital thermometer. And this situation will definitely affect under-served communities the most.

That is why we decided to develop SAUNA32, the first Malaysian-inspired and manufactured infrared digital thermometer. What makes it so special is that, it only takes less than a week to develop the first version!

We 3D-printed the casing using a Malaysian-made printer, and we will make the design available for you to print one on your own later* too! For now, let us get together and help us make 500 SAUNA32 units to be donated to deserving recipients around the country.

SAUNA32, the community-powered infrared digital thermometer. Made by us, for you. 

What We Need 

The project aims to raise RM75,000 to manufacture 500 units of SAUNA32 to be distributed to various underserved communities in Malaysia

Production will start right after the target is reached, and delivery is scheduled after 3 months of production. Period of delivery is 3-6 months after the start of production. All design and documentations will be released as open source.

Other Ways You Can Help

No worries if can't contribute, but it'll be great if you can share our campaign and get the word out so we can distribute to more recipients around the country. 


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However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

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After making the bank transfer, please send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt and your name to the email address: [email protected] with the Subject Heading: SAUNA32, the community-powered infrared digital thermometer

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