Scent Of Tango

By: Jeannie

Fame Studio Malaysia bring the world famous Argentine Tango musical and dancing show to Malaysia.

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Project Summary

Fame Studio Malaysia is delighted to bring to Malaysia a one of a kind Argentine Tango concert performance titled ‘Scent of Tango’ concert on 23 March 2019. Borrowing its name from the popular movie, ‘Scent of a Woman’, the event will feature Argentine Tango musical genre and its dance culture.

'Scent of Tango' will introduce a diverse range of performances that illuminate the evolution of Tango - concert show with a live performance from renowned international artistes –will be featuring the world’s top performers namely Sebastian Acosta and Laura D’Anna, the champions of Mundial World Tango 2014, and Roberto Castillo and Julieta Biscione, Argentine Professional Stage Tango Dancers. Additionally, world-renowned orchestra, Hyperion Ensemble, will perform popular music from the Tango ‘Old Guard’. It will also play famous contemporary music by composer such as Astor Piazzolla. Piazzolla is reputed to be the one who fused classical and jazz music into stage Tango that gave birth to Tango Nuevo (New Tango).  

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Why are we doing this ?

Tango is an art that dates back to the end of 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Argentina, and is an UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The concert aims to both profile and popularize Tango among Malaysians. We want Malaysians who are interested in art and culture but are yet familiar with Tango, to take this opportunity to get to know this art form. Tango can be enjoyable by all, be it as a spectator, a music listener, or a participant in its social dances and gathering. Our quote is  "The  art of Tango is to embrace the freedom of expression and channel the positive energy to the partner, which is why the dance is deemed as one of the most unique dances in the world"

We need your HELP 

We still short of RM20,000. The money raised from this campaign will be used to fund rental of venue, hiring of orchestra and dance artist, renting music instrument, marketing and logistic arrangement

What We Need & What You Get

We offered 3  different types of packages

  • EVENT sponsor with RM2500
    • 4 premium seats for "Scent of Tango" concert tickets to watch at KLPAC, Pentas 1 on 23 March 2019
    • 4 Complimentary access to Tango welcome party with Tango Live music & social dance on 22 March 2019, on top of that you will entitle the below:-
      • One (1) VIP table for 4 pax at Royal Selangor Club 
      • One (1) bottle of wine 
      • One (1) bottle of Whiskey or Champagne
  • EVENT sponsor with RM1000
    • 2 Silver seats for Scent of Tango" concert tickets to watch at KLPAC, Pentas 1 on 23 March 2019
    • 2 complimentary tickets access to Tango welcome party with Tango Live music & social dance on 22 March 2019
  • STUDENTS sponsor with RM500
    • Purchase 5 bronze seats for students 
    • Tickets will be sponsoring to the academic music school and art school students whom can't afford to purchase the tickets
    • Your name will be given  recognition by the institute 


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