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To create a video series to list on Apple iTune, Amazon video direct, show the beauty of Tai Chi, benefit more people in.

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Hi, I am David Yao, the founder of  LegooMandarin.com and Educational Video Courses Online (Edeo.biz),  and Tai Chi Fitness (http://taichifitness.org), born in china, resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, holding Master degree from University Malaya,  

Tai Chi Fitness  I will show the essence of Tai Chi and Fitness.

We provide Contents, Online System and Live Teaching Online

“Share with You What We Know Best and the Best We know” is our Slogan. We start with LEGOO Mandarin and now expand the system into other topics: Bahasa Malaysia, IT eCommerce, Accounting and Finance, Tai Chi Fitness and Qi Gong. You can learn anytime anywhere!

In this project, I will make a serie of video with better quality and captions, which will takes longer time to process. The video will be listed in Amazon video direct (live already, need add more episode) , and Apple iTV. I think this will benift more people to do fitness exercise by watching video during this COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, which will last longer than we expect and will shape my life in many ways.

The video course without captions are live in Udemy (https://www.udemy.com/user/legoomandarindavidyao/). 

The contributors who help you achieve this goal will be granted FREE access to current courses in Udemy.

We will use the new fund to buy new gear and hire staff to updating the captions in video.

  •  The funds will be used to buy a new camera, around RM 3000, a new computer RM 4000, other will be used to hire staff for editing Captions)
  • A timeline on project execution.  (Will take 1 month to finish the beginner Tai Chi Courses, we have around 10 such courses, may try as other projects if this one goes well)

Thanks for your support for us to creating better contents for you!  


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