The Cultural Map of Malaysia: Tari Asyik of Kelantan


To support the passing down of Tari Asyik to local youth in Kelantan, with extensive documentation of the tradition.

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Project Summary

About Our Project

PUSAKA is initiating a community-funded project to revitalise, sustain, and document the graceful traditional dance known as Tari Asyik, which traces its origins to the courts of Kelantan-Patani. The Cultural Map of Malaysia: Tari Asyik of Kelantan will comprehensively document the Tari Asyik of Kelantan, encompassing historical, aesthetic, and social-cultural aspects of the tradition. 

PUSAKA works closely with the Tari Asyik dancers of Jalinan Seni Tanah Merah, Kelantan, who continue the legacy of their teacher, the late Mohd. Razali bin Che Hamid, affectionately known as Cikgu Li. The untimely death of Cikgu Li in a road accident in January 2019 has left a vacuum among the cultural bearers of Kelantan and underscores the urgency of safeguarding and revitalising the Tari Asyik tradition, particularly at the community level in Kelantan. The Jalinan Seni Tanah Merah is now steered by its principal dancer, Cikgu Li’s daughter, Amelina Razali.

Alongside comprehensive documentation, the Tari Asyik Cultural Map Project aims to enhance the sustainability of the Tari Asyik through training and workshops for youth in local communities in Kelantan. This project will support Amelina in her efforts to pass down the art and knowledge of Tari Asyik to youth in her community. 

We plan to initiate community training in Kelantan in April, before the month of Ramadan starts in May.

Contribute now to demonstrate to our local communities that the greater public is deeply concerned about cultural heritage. 

We believe that with a committed gathering of people to support the continuity and viability of our cultural traditions, we can make a lasting positive impact on the cultural landscape of Malaysia and the region.


What We Need & What You Get

 We aim to raise RM250,000 over the next few weeks to sustain a project duration of 18 months.

The funds will go towards:-

Community Training and Workshops in Kelantan: RM40,000

Research, Fieldwork Team, Photography: RM60,000

Film, Audio Recording & Post-Production of DVD and CD: RM50,000

Showcase Performances in Kelantan and KL: RM40,000

Travel and Accommodation for Fieldwork Team and Performers: RM30,000

Writing, Editing, Publication of Monograph: RM30,000



  • Acknowledgement in all published material on this project—Monograph, DVD, CD and Limited Edition LP
  • Acknowledgement on PUSAKA website
  • PUSAKA Postcards featuring photography of traditional performance in Malaysia

Contributions of RM1,000 and above will also receive:

  • Complimentary copies of all published material on this project—Monograph, DVD, CD

Contributions of RM5,000 and above will also receive:

  • Framed fine art photograph by Canadian photographer Cheryl Hoffmann of the Tari Asyik tradition


The Impact

  • The passing down of the Tari Asyik tradition to the next generation of performers within local communities in Kelantan.
  • Strengthening the viability and sustainability of the Tari Asyik tradition.
  • Audio-video recordings of Tari Asyik, including dance gestures, music, training, and interviews with community performers.
  • Written transcripts of interviews in English and Malay.
  • Media articles and/or scholarly essays developed from field-documentation and research.
  • Monograph on the Tari Asyik as well as a scholarly analysis of its place in the socio-cultural context of contemporary Malaysia. To be published as part of PUSAKA’s monograph series.
  • Extensive photographs of the Tari Asyik tradition, for possible development into an exhibition and book.
  • Production of DVD, short documentary and audio material from field-documentation and research.
  • Material from PUSAKA’s Cultural Map Project will be made accessible to the Malaysian and global public as well as shared with our international partners, comprising leading cultural institutions and universities worldwide.



April – May 2019: Preliminary Community Training in Kelantan. Preliminary Research on Tari Asyik tradition of Kelantan, including historical and mythological aspects.

June - August 2019: Extensive documentation of performance in local community in Kelantan. Beginning of training workshops for youth in local community.

September-October 2019: Further documentation of Tari Asyik performance, ongoing youth training workshops, interviews with performers.

November - December 2019: Post-production of audio-visual documentation: Editing, mastering, transcription and translation of interviews. Media engagement. Ongoing youth training workshops.

Jan-March 2020: Final documentation of performance and training in Kelantan. Developing instruction/ training module for Tari Asyik. Performance to showcase results of training in KL. Writing and editing of Monograph on Tari Asyik, script for DVD, liner notes for CD.

April-June 2020: Post-production final editing of DVD and CD. Final editing of monograph text. Design and layout of monograph, CD and DVD.

July-August 2020: Printing of Monograph, DVD and CD. Consolidation of national, regional and international partners.

September 2020: Launch of Tari Asyik Cultural Map Monograph, CD, and DVD. Photo exhibition in conjunction with launch. Distribution of materials to national, regional and international partners.


Other Ways You Can Help

Help us get the word out about our Tari Asyik project and raise awareness about Malaysian cultural heritage.



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