WordPower Sabah: Unite, Inspire, Achieve

By: WordPower Sabah

The first Creative Communication Forum for the written and spoken word in English, to help Sabahans succeed in business and the arts.

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Project Summary

August 2, 3, 4

The Palace Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

Why WordPower?

WordPower Sabah is the first event of this kind, aimed at encouraging Sabahans to recognise and learn to use the English language as the powerful tool it is.

People do not see how the arts and business are interconnected, or how communication can benefit corporate career development and self-empowerment. We are trying to use WordPower to give equal importance and relevance to the arts in a country's development, as business, economics, science, and the more academic professions.

We want WordPower Sabah to become the Sabahan platform that is missing for writers, playwrights, directors, actors, songwriters, graphic artists, poets, and others to come together to learn, practice, share, and expand their skills, both within the art world and outside. We will showcase the potential of the arts to be an attractive tool for personal and commercial development.

What Does WordPower Need?

Our campaign goal of RM50k will go towards:

  • Attracting professionals from a range of communication-related fields to give talks, performances, and workshops for skills including writing, presenting and performing. If fully funded, our programme will include workshops on comedy, poetry, fiction, business-writing, screenplay-writing, theatre, children's storytelling, social media, and much more. The closer we get to our goal, the more of this we can offer.
  • Airfare and accommodation for speakers and instructors.
  • Printing for magazines, programmes, leaflets, and posters. The WordPower Sabah magazine will feature exclusive interviews with Malaysian writers, artists, comedians, and others.
  • Venue rental for up to three days.
  • Photography and other media materials.
  • Equipment rental, e.g. PA system, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Fun activities and booths
  • Refreshments

Every little bit counts and goes directly towards improving some aspect of the WordPower experience.

If we don't meet our goal, all funds will go towards putting on the best event possible with what we have. Although we intend for WordPower to be a three-day event, we can scale down if necessary. 

How Else Can I Help?

We are grateful for any donations that come our way, but there is more than one way to help. Help us get us one step closer to our goal by spreading the word and sharing this page with people you know. Reach out to any and all who might benefit from this Creative Forum and let them know we want them there!

And please note that for every paying participant, we will allocate one free ticket to allow those from lower-income families to take part.

How Else Will Sabah Benefit?

An event like WordPower Sabah tends to draw attention to the place in which it is held, so we can expect WordPower Sabah to bring a valuable boost to the tourism industry. As we both expect and welcome visitors to attend our event, many will take the opportunity to explore other parts of Sabah and all local businesses will benefit from this. 

Literary festivals across the world report that increased excitement around books and writing leads to higher sales for local bookstores. We can expect Sabah's local bookstores to see the same results - and since WordPower Sabah encompasses far more than just literature, we know with full certainty that its benefits won't end there.

Campaign Rewards

Important: Please leave your name and contact info to receive your campaign rewards!

  • All Instagram thank you posts and videos can be seen on the @WordPowerSabah page on Instagram.
  • T-Shirts, Notebooks, and Goodie Bags must be picked up from the WordPower Sabah event in August. Any day will do. We will need to see some form of identification so that we can match each reward to its rightful owner. 
  • All free tickets will be registered under the donor's name and can be picked up from the ticket booth at the event. We will need to see some ID in order to pass you your tickets.
  • For all sponsor rewards, we will be getting touch with you ASAP to coordinate, so please leave sufficient contact info.


Pledgers can transfer their pledge using the Secure Online Payment by MOLPay.

With MOLPay, you can either use your credit card or online banking.

However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

Pitch Platforms Sdn Bhd
Maybank 564892120183

After making the bank transfer, please send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt and your name to the email address: [email protected] with the Subject Heading: WordPower Sabah: Unite, Inspire, Achieve

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Hello, everybody!

We have some good news: we've just booked the Palace Hotel in Kota Kinabalu for the first WordPower Sabah event, this August. It's a gorgeous hotel, with delicious food, lovely decor, and in a great part of the city.

We can't wait to see you there!

Thanks to all,

The WordPower Sabah Team

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